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I've Built a 7-Figure Fitness Empire...
Now It's Your Turn

What are your goals?

Yes, you're ready and this is your time

Become unignorable.

Let's Go.


Hi. I'm Liz Cort, my team and I are going to help you build your legacy.


I've built a million dollar fitness empire, now it's your turn.

I've been in your shoes, and know the excitement you have towards building your fitness or wellness brand or perhaps even creating one from scratch like I did!

This journey is 100% about YOU, it’s important to know we’ve done a lot of what you are looking to do and will show you how to duplicate outrageous success in your markets. 


Working with Liz and her team has been amazing. As I get ready to launch my own Fitness Studio, Liz has been there to help me every step of the way. She has inspired me from day one and I am so blessed to call her a friend and a incredible mentor in the fitness industry.
- Michelle Hanis Romanaskas, TRYBE Boutique Fitness Studio Life

Whether you are looking to open a fitness studio, grow an existing brand, launch into the online world and learn how to generate multiple income streams, We’ve got you covered. 


Build months like this!

We'll Show You How & Then Help you every step of the way!

$33,507 1 Month of Sales!


Oh, and this...


the art of the lightining-fast launch

get it done!

$28,000 Just 45 Days of Sales!


and these aren't outliers, we specialize in creating weatherproof, RESILIENT brands!

We’ve built several independent six figure fitness and wellness brands that collectively generate over a million in sales each year. You can read more about my journey and brands by clicking on the logos below, but lets get back to YOU and why you stopped by.

Step after manageable step, we'll help you create something that's far bigger than you:

but it starts completely with you.

You have to decide you want your life to be bigger than it is, and you have to trust that small voice that keeps nagging you...asking over and over

what if, what would it take?


we've done it ourselves and we've helped hundreds just like you do it too.

"From corporate mom to CEO of her own empire, Liz Cort is inspiring other women to achieve the life of their dreams."
- Strong Magazine


Look. you don't have to have the answers, just the question:


what do you want for yourself?

Are you ready for more? To stop playing it small? To build something... BIG?



Are you ready to build your six figure Fitness & Wellness empire?

Are you ready to be FAR less vulnerable when you go to market?

Let’s get started. Tell us a bit about your vision, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a virtual meeting to discuss your business and a game plan of action!

You're not just a flash in the pan, you're here to SCALE!


I couldn't have done this without them and I will continue to work with LCC for all of my future programs. To have a team beside you who walks with you every step of the way, is extremely rare! They have brought my vision to life and I am so very grateful and thankful! One of the absolute best decisions I've ever made is choosing LCC! Love you, Team! - Brittany Johnson, B13 Fitness

Here's how we'll get you launched

Something has been holding you back from earning the income you desire. Perhaps it’s not having the right business model in place? The right strategy? Lack of mentorship from someone who can show you the ropes and has been in your shoes? I get it…


If you are ready to play with the big dogs and stop dabbling, then lets GO!  If you want to be an “insta-trainer”, stuck in a gym or office trading time for dollars, you don’t need me, save your money.

I'll show you how to get PAID BIG for your talents

and build a six figure fitness or wellness business, scale into the online world, and generate multiple income streams.


Give us 60 business days together to help you FAST TRACK your existing brand, or start from scratch if you are new to the industry.

It’s about creating a successful venture that generates quantifiable PROFIT in less time, by positioning you to excel in a crowded market. I’ve done it with my brands and have helped hundreds of fitness and wellness entrepreneurs do the same.  

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. If you are serious about growth, shoot us a message and lets connect!


personal trainers. nutritionists. boutique fitness & wellness entrepreneurs. holistic health coaches. passionate, driven dreamers. we KNOW you!


Build more revenue streams with Liz's proven techniques

I’m grateful that our paths have crossed!

Our mission, and my purpose is to empower those who want to change their life & change the world for the better, and empowering them with the knowledge and skills they need simply get it done.

I’ve always believed that the greatest achievement each of us can strive for in life is to have the ability to create a life by design, so that it matches our purpose and dreams. This mindset led me to transition out of a corporate career to live the entrepreneurial life and pursue my passion of helping others create better health, wellness and entrepreneurial success.

Building a business from scratch sometimes feels scary and risky. I know the feeling, but when your passion and work ethic is strong, the vision pulls you. So while you may be in business for yourself, you won’t be by yourself! That’s what I am here for.

Read more about fitness & wellness-loving women just like you who dug deep, and went BIG

With your raw talent, and our expertise, you're unstoppable

As a business mentor, I work with modern day entrepreneurs, just like you! We’ll partner and combine your talents and passion with my MBA in business, years of experience in this industry, and experience building three of my own six figure + fitness and wellness businesses that combine for over a million in sales each year.

My clients have incredible gifts & talent, they simply struggle to package all their awesomeness into a profitable business machine! If this sounds like you, I’m your gal.

If you’re already an entrepreneur, or want to become one, I have some insights and experiences that can help you make an incredible impact in the lives of others. I’ve done what you want to do, for myself and my clients, and now YOU'RE UP!  I can’t wait to connect with you, learn more about your gifts, your business and get an effective game plan in place.


It takes support to succeed and it takes a tribe to excel!


and at the end of the day, the results speak for themselves.

Ready to get excited about your EXPONENTIAL financial growth?


 Remember, so may others have come before you, and are here to guide your journey...


Your goals. Your vision. Sustainable Profits.