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Get Inspired, Focused & Informed : From Your Best Friends in the Biz!

Every woman is a SheEO of her own life, and successful SheEO never go it alone!


SheEO Nation is a global community of women who run "the world." We are radically transforming how we support, build, mentor and celebrate each other as we bull-dog life from business to family and everything in between. Maybe you can't have it all, but you can have what you need, what you want, and a life beyond your wildest dreams.


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We ACTUALLY want to hear about your struggles through motherhood, your work and life balance and your professional dreams. This is a safe space for us to creatively trouble-shoot, support each other's journeys and build better lives! The SheEO community is friendly, supportive and invested in building each other up with thoughtful solutions, inspiration and camaraderie. 


SheEO Pride!

We know there are many different types of people that every SheEO needs at her table and in her corner, especially if you’re starting or running a business of your own. Make room in your business and personal brand for these type of people – each one is worth her weight in diamonds! Join SheEO Nation today and connect with women just like you!


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I’ve been in your shoes and know the excitement you have towards building your fitness or wellness brand or perhaps even creating one from scratch like I did!