We are delighted to get started with you and your project. Please review the terms and policies of working with the Liz Cort Consulting Agency Group and acknowledge that you are aware and agree*.

Personal Responsibility and Assumption of Risk: You acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your finances and well-being and all decisions made before, during and after your Program. Our agency, Liz Cort Consulting, has taken great care in preparing the information provided to you, but all of our information, Programs, and services are made available to you like marketing and business tools for your own personal and business use and informational and educational purposes only. You accept full responsibility for your choices, actions, and results, and expressly assume the risks of the Program for your use, or non-use, of the information provided to you. You also understand that you are explicitly considering all of the risks of the Program, whether or not such risks were created or exacerbated by the Program.

Non-Disparagement: In the event of a dispute between Client and the Liz Cort Consulting Agency (LCCA), Client agrees not to engage in any conduct or communications, public or private, designed to disparage the Program or Services of, LCCA. Where requested by law or arbitration, of course, Client is not prohibited from sharing their thoughts and opinions as a part of the legal process. By signing this Agreement, we are both acknowledging that we have read, understand, agree to and accept all of the terms of this Agreement. Your Program and work will not begin until this signed document has been received, and payment, as mapped in the proposal, has been made.

Nondisclosure Obligations: You agree to hold the Confidential Information, Pricing, and Services provided by Liz Cort Consulting Agency in confidence. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Client, further promises and agrees: (A) to take commercially reasonable measures to protect and safeguard the Confidential Information that it receives against unauthorized use, dissemination, publication or disclosure; (B) not to use any of the Confidential Information except in connection with the execution of the Consulting Services; and (C) not to, directly or indirectly, in any way, reveal, report, publish, disclose, or transfer any of the Confidential Information except to its affiliates, principals, employees, consultants, representatives, accountants, agents, co-investors, advisors, legal counsel, lenders, investors, officers and directors, or as otherwise specifically authorized by the Company (collectively, “Representatives”).

Copy Editing and Line Edits: You acknowledge that you take full responsibility for review of initial drafts and copy provided in the creation of your Program(s). Our agency, Liz Cort Consulting, has taken great care in preparing the information provided to you, but it is your responsibility to proof all program content and sign-off on it as final. Please note that copy editing and graphic design are two separate services. If you require copy editing services, it can be purchased at an hourly rate, ($375 per hour.) When a client indicates that content for the program is final, LCCA assumes that the client had not only proof-read it but reviewed for consistency and clarity. LCCA will rectify any content errors it may have created when the final program differs from approved content for up to a period of 12-months. Clients are permitted a total of two (2) rounds of copy edits that are content-based and one (1) that is designed based, after which all other changes are charged at a rate of $375 per hour with a half-hour minimum. Once a client sells a program/e-book/ electronic PDF or other service or product it is considered acceptance of program and sign-off by the client as final.

Ownership of Native Files VS Final Deliverables: The term native files refer to the file format that an application uses to create or save files. We are referring to page layout files (such as Adobe® InDesign®) and any associated artwork or photos used within those layout files, or there could be just a layered image file (such as Adobe® Photoshop® or Adobe® Illustrator®) and in some instances Microsoft Suite Products that may have been used in creation of your client final deliverables. The LCCA contract final deliverables do not include source and native files, they cover final JPG, PNG, PDF or EPS files only. The industry standard for copyright transfer is 300% of your total design and layout overhead. If you are interested in securing your native files, please note that with LCCA ahead of project start.

Disclaimer: LCCA, explicitly states that while serving in the role of a Marketing and Branding Agency, we are not, nor are we holding out to be, a lawyer, accountant, therapist, counselor, doctor, or any other kind of position in any way at any time before, during or after your Program. Nothing contained in this Program is intended to be a substitute for other business tools and services you may need. We are not providing legal or financial advice in any way. You should always seek the help of your attorney, accountant or financial manager regarding your own legal and financial situation.

Refunds and Payments: In the event that payment for any logo design or any other services rendered by client is not made in accordance with the payment policies of Liz Cort Consulting Agency Inc., or refunded for any reason all of the client's rights in and to the logo design, layouts, content and graphic designed created for it, including any trademark property, will immediately revert back to Liz Cort Consulting, Inc.

Logos and all design created by the Liz Cort Agency are "works for hire," which is commissioned explicitly by the customer or client. As a specifically commissioned work, it will belong to the customer or client after payment and completion of a project. In the event of non-payment, LCCA's rights to the logo and brand name ( if created by the Liz Cort Consulting Agency), will not transfer to the client. The contract will be considered breached due to non-payment and/or refund; thus LCCA will keep all rights to the logo, program, and/or designs and may take legal action to enforce those rights.

Use of your Brand and Copyright: Under US Copyright law, LCCA automatically owns all rights to the work we create. When clients secure our services and are in good financial standing we release to the client the 1) rights to display work, 2) rights to reproduce work in limited competencies. In order to secure full copyright a client must have purchased the native/source files or secured explicit permission form LCCA. We can provide you with a transfer of copyright from for your brand name if concept by LCCA and logo.

Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, and Release of Claims: LCCA may not be held responsible in any way for the information that you request or receive through this Program or Services. By signing this Agreement, you fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release LCCA and any employees, shareholders, directors, staff, consultants, agents, or anyone affiliated with us from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that you ever had, now have or will have in the future against me or us, arising from your participation in or in any way related to the Program and Services, even if we were aware in advance of the possibility of any such claim.

Release of Design, Graphics, and Logos for LCCA Marketing Related endeavors. The client agrees that LCCA may show the artwork/design/ graphics and other visuals created for the client on marketing reels, social media feeds and on the firm's website.

Client Testimonials If you submit a testimonial to us, then you agree that we may publish your testimonial, together with your name and any logo that you upload, on this website [ and on any successor website, social media platforms or print publications that we may operate or use from time to time], on such page and in such position as we may determine in our sole discretion.

You further agree that we may edit the testimonial and publish edited or partial versions of the testimonial. However, we will never edit a testimonial in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views.

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