B13 Fitness

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Fitness. Nutrition. Coaching

The whole purpose of B13 Fitness is packed into our name. Be one with Fitness, Be one with Nutrition, and Be one with Coaching. These 3 components make up the winning formula for your fitness & transformation success!


From Concept to Branding, Liz Cort Helped Guide B13 Fitness to Profit, Fast!

Brittany had an audience of women who looked to her for guidance on nutrition. She desperately needed to create the tools to build her business and have a professional, sexy platform to deliver the goods seamlessly.


We helped take her idea, and skills and build a brand. From the name of the brand to her mission statement we took her thoughts and values and made them real.

Our first steps with Brittany

  • As always, we started with a chat to get our finger on the pulse of her skill-set
  • We developed the logo and the universal brand guidelines
  • We helped her develop a comprehensive 12-week program with fitness, nutrition, and tools to coach
  • We designed and trained her on her eCommerce platform as well as created an affiliate coach tool for greater brand reach 

From ancillary marketing collateral that we developed in 2018, B13 will launch its next program as it grows and continues to expand its reach!


We Helped Brittany Generate Over 10k in Sales in the First 3 Weeks!

Generating over 10K in sales in the first 3 -weeks this brand continues to see growth and expanded reach as it helps women achieve improved lifestyle wellness. 

$10,000 First 3 Weeks of Sales!


Brittany Breaks it Down

The B13 Fitness Journey to Serious Income 


Brittany Knocked It Out of the Park

You're Up!