E4 Fitness Element for Fitness


E4 Fitness Element for Fitness

Go Beyond the Bricks, Building Online Programming


Barre Instructor Dottie Mcintyre LeBlanc wanted to find a way to scale her talents beyond the studio and offer something more to clients without geographical limitations.

Unsure as to where to start she connected with Liz Cort Consulting Agency and with our turnkey service had us develop a company name, brand, logo, 10-week program with unique barre inspired at home workouts, lifestyle nutrition, and a process and structure to coach.

In Just 60 Days, Dottie Went to Market!

These fundamentals allowed her to go-to-market with tangible product service and in just 60 plus days. As her business grows she continues to plug into the services and solution are that we offer from event planning process for large format photoshoots to mastermind sessions to enhance her social media impact.


From Idea to Product to Growth!

A Sampling of Product & Programming Developed  Just for Dottie