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Aligning with Cohesive Symbiotic Opportunities


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Liz is the CEO of her own nutritional supplement business in the direct sales industry. Her passion lies in mentoring others aspiring to achieve a life by design, doing what they genuinely love.


Your Time is a Limited Resource, It's Essential to Diversify with Active & Passive* Revenue Streams

*Residual & Recurring 

The Breakdown of The Empire

As a woman consultant: I'm constantly reminding my clients "you're not a 1-trick pony, you need active & passive revenue streams!"

To survive in this industry, you'll figure out

  • Whatever your tent poles to revenue are, you need to align with a company, and create significant revenue
  • Based on your values, you can pick  products that support your clients organically AND provide you the comfort of a robust additional revenue stream
  • Direct Sales allows fitness entrepreneurs the opportunity to partner with a company that fits in line with your vision as a health and wellness coach
To grow beyond trading hours for dollars, it’s essential to build residual passive revenue streams into your empire, pick one that aligns with your mission

Quite simply, It covers more than the groceries.

$2,654,433.94 Actual Revenue from Liz's July 2012 to December 31, 2017 Actual Numbers from Liz's 1099 forms


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This is the art of attraction marketing


Clients don't buy products, they buy YOU

(Guys, There are HUNDREDS of companies out there, and a lot of them are hot-garbage. I can help you avoid common pitfalls, misconceptions and help you align the perfect brand to partner with.)

Don't know where to start? We can walk you through the process of finding your perfect direct sales company based on your clients, your values and your financial goals


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