Fit Bodies 4 Life

Meet Kim Lipe, Founder of Fit Bodies 4 Life!

In just 45 days from our first call, sales went live. Just 45 Days from that? 28k in sales!

" I was searching for an option to take my business to reach and help more women. I love helping women feel good about themselves. I knew I wanted to grow, and expand my business online, but I didn't have the time to research the best way to do it. Knowing this was Liz's wheelhouse, I took the leap and hopped on a consulting call with her. WOW.

In just 45 days from that call, her team had my program ready and we went live!

$28,000 Just 45 Days of Sales!

Thank you Liz! I am forever grateful to you and your team for showing me the ropes, and STILL showing me!
— Kim Lipe
E4 Fitness Element for Fitness

E4 Fitness Element for Fitness

Go Beyond the Bricks, Building Online Programming


Barre Instructor Dottie Mcintyre LeBlanc wanted to find a way to scale her talents beyond the studio and offer something more to clients without geographical limitations.

Unsure as to where to start she connected with Liz Cort Consulting Agency and with our turnkey service had us develop a company name, brand, logo, 10-week program with unique barre inspired at home workouts, lifestyle nutrition, and a process and structure to coach.

In Just 60 Days, Dottie Went to Market!

These fundamentals allowed her to go-to-market with tangible product service and in just 60 plus days. As her business grows she continues to plug into the services and solution are that we offer from event planning process for large format photoshoots to mastermind sessions to enhance her social media impact.


From Idea to Product to Growth!

A Sampling of Product & Programming Developed  Just for Dottie


From Fit Mama to Fitness Pioneer!

Fit Mama of two Jessica went through the profound work of overhauling her life, and fitness/nutrition lifestyle. EVERYONE around her wanted to learn more about what she did, and how she did it, and they started asking for help with their own transformations.

One of Jessica's skills is being a positive influence on her community and essentially a powerful, organic lead magnet!


She quickly realized that the free advice she was dishing out had real value, and the knowledge and passion for running with it. Not sure where to start she reached to LCCA. ( Liz Cort Consulting Agency)

What We Accomplished for Jessica

  • After a one-on-one consult with the Liz, we had a game plan and step-by-step tasks to build an effective roadmap to profitability
  • After developing a business plan map set, Jessica connected with our branding and marketing specialist, and we helped her develop HER brand from the ground up 
  • We developed her company name, logo, and full brand guidelines, collateral, and voice 
  • We developed her products and merchandise for upsell
  • We built her eCommerce platform and ensured all the operational infrastructure was in place

A year in she is getting ready to launch PHASE TWO of her product offerings and will lock arms with LCCA agency again to develop robust fitness, nutrition and coaching accountability programs that genuinely TRANS4M her clients!


Learn more about the full-service tactics we used with Jessica


Our team of industry professionals (certified trainers, registered dietitians, branding experts and marketing guru's) helped her design her logo, write the workouts (for her target market), create the meal plan(s), format it, design the layout, and get it online to an her own e-commerce platform as a digital good!


Getting Ready for Phase II 

Take a peek at what we've got brewing with Jessica!


Need Intensive Support? We get it.


A 3 Day White Glove Treatment Pays Off!

Meet Dina, she invested in her future, and it paid off big time.

Dina choice the White Glove Service with Liz to launch her own gym in Florida. She worked intimately with Liz shadowing, strategizing and training over the course of 3-days in person. She learned from the ground up; best practices for her specialty studio and how to become profoundly differentiated in a crowded market.

From business plan development, to sound operational practices, to strategic marketing in local markets, to client retention and experience, we did it all
— Dina Womble

ROI is the name of the Game!

B13 Fitness
B13Fitness (1).png

Fitness. Nutrition. Coaching

The whole purpose of B13 Fitness is packed into our name. Be one with Fitness, Be one with Nutrition, and Be one with Coaching. These 3 components make up the winning formula for your fitness & transformation success!


From Concept to Branding, Liz Cort Helped Guide B13 Fitness to Profit, Fast!

Brittany had an audience of women who looked to her for guidance on nutrition. She desperately needed to create the tools to build her business and have a professional, sexy platform to deliver the goods seamlessly.


We helped take her idea, and skills and build a brand. From the name of the brand to her mission statement we took her thoughts and values and made them real.

Our first steps with Brittany

  • As always, we started with a chat to get our finger on the pulse of her skill-set
  • We developed the logo and the universal brand guidelines
  • We helped her develop a comprehensive 12-week program with fitness, nutrition, and tools to coach
  • We designed and trained her on her eCommerce platform as well as created an affiliate coach tool for greater brand reach 

From ancillary marketing collateral that we developed in 2018, B13 will launch its next program as it grows and continues to expand its reach!


We Helped Brittany Generate Over 10k in Sales in the First 3 Weeks!

Generating over 10K in sales in the first 3 -weeks this brand continues to see growth and expanded reach as it helps women achieve improved lifestyle wellness. 

$10,000 First 3 Weeks of Sales!


Brittany Breaks it Down

The B13 Fitness Journey to Serious Income 


Brittany Knocked It Out of the Park

You're Up!