Yes, you're ready

I've built a million dollar fitness empire, now it's your turn.

Step after step you'll create something that's far bigger than you:

but it starts completely with you.

on your shoulders, with your hands, from your sweat.

You have to decide you want your life to be bigger than it is, and you have to trust that small voice that keeps nagging you...asking over and over

what if, what would it take?

Total Achieved


EXAMPLE: Basic countup, using automatic defaults, and counting to the text value in element

<h2 class="countup" align="center">5,000</h2>


<h2 class="countup" align="center">30,000</h2>



EXAMPLE: Countup starting from a non-zero value, using default duration

<h2 class="countup" data-countup-start="25000" align="center">30,000</h2>



EXAMPLE: Countup with duration set to override default

<h2 class="countup" data-countup-duration="5" align="center">30,000</h2>